Let's welcome our newest MONKEY

Let's welcome our newest MONKEY

Helena @hell_polesport: Polesport is her life!

With flexibility skills a circusartist would be very jaleous off, she rocks incredible shapes on her IG like it just her way to get out of bed. Poletricks like the eagle and paradise bird are not challenging enough, so she make her own variations to these. Just have a look at her profile and be in awe and ohw. As a famous Russian polecompetitor she has build a loyal fanbase, which she teaches with all the love she got in her bones.

With only 5 years of training this record is impressive! What's even more mindblowing is that Helena didn't do any sports before poel sport, execpt for a little bit of running. She explains her mad skills as "being naturally flexibible and strong" so she could develop all skills on the pole. Ofcourse, 5 years of that hardcore Russian training couldn't hurt.

Helena's track record:

Helena @hell_sport polesport russian poledancer flexmonkey polewear

Since 3 years Helena has become a teacher. She absolutely has found her passion in polesport. Her favorites are split-alike moves and bendy tricks. As you can see in the pictures, back flexibility, shoulder flexibility, hip flexibility, she can do them all! Nowadays she find ways to express her soul in touches of exoticpole. Besides pole, Helena is also a powerlifting girl. She even has a Master of sport in this discipline. Nevertheless, the polesport is the discipline that really catches her!

Since Helena is now one of Flexmonkey's inspirators, it was very interesting to hear about her pole idols. She mentioned Anastasia Skukhtorova, Dimitry Politov and Ona Kivela. These are not all, but just at the top of her head. Just like yours, her list goes on and on. Particularly important to her is Anastasia Sokolova, since it was her pole performance on Ukrain's got talent that got to her. Ever since she saw the acrobatics of Anastasia, the polesport pulled on her strong and her heart was conquered. Or saved! Polesport gave her a new passion and a whole new life.

Who knows what we will see of her next....IPSF and POSA be prepared!



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