Demi Brama is now officially a Flexmonkey!

Demi Brama is now officially a Flexmonkey!

You'll probably notice: Flexmonkey polewear has a new brand ambassador! None other than Demi Brama, a top athlete with many NK and World Championship titles in pole and in artistic pole to her name. She trains with Corpus Acrobatics and dreams of a performance at Cirque du Soleil. In addition, she is regularly in the spotlight in newspapers and on TV and a photo book about her has recently been published. And all while this flexy lexy is only 16 years old. Motivated, inspiring and creative! That's a match with Flexmonkey ;)

To celebrate this ambassadorship, a 'Balance-Challenge' with fun and challenging poses will soon be launched in which balance plays a big role. Below is a preview of one of the poses. Do you already follow us on facebook or instagram? Then you can follow the challenge there. You can also sign up via to receive the challenge by email. To be continued...

Demi Brama Flexmonkey polewear brand ambassador pole dance wear yogapnats leggings dance poles aerial hoops nedrland europe

demi brama handstand balance challenge flexmonkey polewear pole dance dress dance poles


After a fantastic 2018, the Flexmonkeys will jump in together with Demi 2019. There are some big surprises planned and the Flexmonkey agenda is well stocked. But before all the focus is on the future, Flexmonkey looks back gratefully on 2018. Did you know that last year:

- two new prints have been released (the Fantasy Jaguar and the Peacock Pride)
- 4 very successful Flexmonkey summer events have been held, where the very first KIDS event
- the Flexmonkeys encouraged the Dutch team at the World Championship of the IPSF in Tarragona
- a fun international campaign with Oona Kivelä is held in the Fantasy Jaguar
- the 'PIMP MY POLEWEAR' service has been launched for custom decorated competition outfits
- shipping costs have gone down
- the production process has improved & less plastic packaging material is used
- a lot of new products have been added such as complete aerial hoop sets and accessories for performances such as facial glitters and gold flakes
- the Flexmonkey tribe has grown to over 2,500 followers on social media
- since 2019 there is an opportunity to return shipments Reimbursed get it

Flexmonkey hopes tothis yearwith you to add even more fun!

Demi Brama Flexmonkey polewear brand ambassador pole dance wear yogapnats leggings dance poles aerial hoops nedrland europe alian bridge pose


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